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A selection of the research projects the group has completed in recent years.


Projects CSA members were involved in since 2012.

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Stellar Hydro Days IV

An international workshop at the University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada. May 29 - June 2, 2017.

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Stellar Hydrodynamics

Together with Paul Woodward and his group we are investigating stellar interior convection with nuclear burning at Damköhler numbers ~1, i.e. nuclear burn time scale and convective mixing time scale are similar. The ultimate goal is to develop a better understanding of convective mixing in stellar evolution, and the formation of the elements in the first generations of stars, where this nucleosynthesis and hydrodynamics regime is believed to be important.

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i process

Nucleosynthesis, stellar evolution and hydrodynamics of the intermediate neutron capture process.

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Chemical evolution

Several of our projects have explored the application of our NuGrid yields and other yields to chemical evolution models. For this purpose Christian Ritter and Benoit Côté have developed NuPyCEE.

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Common-envelope simulations

One-dimensional and three-dimensional simulations of the common envelope binary interaction phase led by former PhD student Jean-Claude Passy.

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WENDI: Web-Exploration of Numerical Data Interactive

WENDI is a portal that provides cloud access to your own ipython notebook and terminal environment for computing, data gathering and analysis.

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WestGrid Researcher Profile

Falk Herwig's researcher profile on the WestGrid web page. WestGrid provides critical computing cycles for the Computational Stellar Astrophysics program.

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