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Images and movies

ImageCarbon abundance profiles in hybrid C/O/Ne cores of super-AGB stars.
Mass fraction profiles of C at the end of carbon burning in hybrid C/O/Ne cores of super-AGB stars. A value of f = 0.014 was used to model convective boundary mixing (CBM) at all convective boundaries, except the stiffer boundaries of the He and C convective shells, where a value of f = 0.007 was assumed. The initial masses of the AGB stars are 6.3 M⊙ (dashed black curve), 6.4 M⊙ (cyan curve), 6.5 M⊙ (magenta curve), 6.8 M⊙ (solid black curve), 6.9 M⊙ (blue curve), 7.1 M⊙ (green curve), and 7.3 M⊙ (red curve). In the first two models, C has not ignited in the CO cores.