Figures from the papers

ImageUpdated Figure 1 from the second paper.
Panel A: the O-Na anti-correlation for the M13 RGB stars (the blue, green and red circles) from Johnson & Pilachowski (2012) is compared with the dilution curve (the magenta star symbols) obtained by mixing the abundances from the M13 pristine gas (the lower-right end of the curve) with a varying fraction (from 0% to 100%) of material from the 20,000 solar mass MS star. The black asterisks connected by the dashed line are the theoretical data for the massive AGB stars with the indicated initial masses from Ventura & D’Antona (2009). Panels B, C and D: the Al abundances and Mg isotopic ratios for the 33 RGB stars from 5 GCs collected by Da Costa, Norris & Yong (2013) (the large single symbols, as identified in panel D) are compared with the theoretical predictions from the supermassive MS and massive AGB stars, as explained for panel A.
ImageA new Figure for the globular cluster 47Tuc.
Same theoretical data (stars) as in Figure 1 plus the new results for the globular cluster 47Tuc (diamonds). Green circles are observational data for 47Tuc RGB stars. The two black triangles are the M13 stars from Figure 1 plotted here for comparison.