About the simulation codes

We used the stellar evolution code EVOL, the NuGrid nucleosynthesis codes and the PPMstar hydrodynamics code.

Stellar evolution

The stellar evolution models used in this paper were computed a couple of years ago with the legacy Kippenhahn code EVOL. Noteable work that was performed with earlier flavors of that code include on of the first (the first?) stellar evolution tracks all the way through the PN phase by Schoenberner (1981) and the  Bloecker etal. (1995) survey of AGB evolution with mass loss, eventually to the white dwarf stage.


The multi-zone nucleosynthesis was done with the NuGrid mppnp code. It features an arbitrary, dynamic network, flexible nuclear physics input. Because of the parallelization it allows to post-process model sequences with a large number of zones.


We used the PPMstar hydrodynamics code written, developed and maintained by Paul Woodward, LCSE, University of Minnesota. These were exploratory simulations performed with the goal of getting an initial impression of the morphology of the entrainment processes of H into the He-shell flash convection zone.