Images and movies

ImageEntrainment of H-rich material into He-shell flash convection
Hydrodynamic picture of H-entrainment into He-shell flash convection near the luminosity peak of the flash. The setup is based on a stellar evolution model corresponding to the situation shortly after time t0 shown in Figure 2, when the top of the convection zone is just making contact with the H-rich stable layer. Colors indicate abundance of proton-rich material that is originally only in the stable layer above the convection zone that is entrained into the convection zone. Volume fractions of about ∼1% are shown as blue, while concentrations that are close to one are transparent. The lowest concentration yellow blobs that are mixed deep into the convection zone correspond to ∼0.01%. Abundance levels below approximately 5 × 10^−5 have been made transparent as well. Performed on a 576^3 grid.
File1D multi-zone nucleosynthesis simulation
The movie corresponding to Fig. 10 in the paper. Note the split appearing around minute 910 (the last 4 digits in the counter at the bottom left represents time in minutes). This is a .mov video that can be played with quicktime on PC and Mac.