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Movies available at the LCSE site
Movies of stellar hydrodynamics simulations, especially those computed with the highest resolution, can be found at Paul Woodward's page at the LCSE, University of Minnesota.
H-ingestion in AGB He-shell
Movies of fractional volume (concentration) of H-rich material entrained and ingested into AGB He-shell flash convection, and burning of H-rich material in layers deep enough to have high enough T for reactions to occur on advection time scale. Shown is the initial quiescent phase of ingestion of burning, before the onset of the global oscillation in H-ingestion shell convection. The movie combines both time evolutions as well as variable viewing angles and mask settings for a given frame. The goal of this movie is to demonstrate the global nature of the entrainment process and the large-scale correlations of H-enriched flow structures descending down into the hotter regions of He-shell flash convection. A movie with an alternative color scheme is available as well. This 768^3-grid run has been performed on ComputeCanada WestGrid resources.
H-ingestion simulation for Sakurai's object
Similar to the AGB He-shell H-ingestion simulation, but for the stratification that is exactly the same as our previous stellar evolution (Herwig 2001) and multi-zone nucleosynthesis (Herwig+ 11) simulations of Sakurai's object. As described in our GOSH paper (Herwig+ 13, arXiv:1310.4584) the initial quiescent phase of H-ingestion entrainment is followed by a violent rearrangement of the convective structure of the He-shell flash convection zone via a global oscillation of shell H-ingestion. This 768^3 simulation has been performed on ComputeCanada/WestGrid computers using the PPMstar code developed by Paul Woodward.
More movies
Links to movies provided in other directories.
O-shell convection movies
Movies related to Jones et al. 2017, MNRAS: Idealised hydrodynamic simulations of O-shell convection in 4π geometry