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Multi-physics projects with COMSOL

Recently, COMSOL has been updated from the revision 3.5a to 4.3a. The new revision has a different path to a problem set up, which is supposed to be easier. We refer a potential COMSOL user to the new COMSOL 4.3a user's guide that is available online. The new COMSOL revision is run with the command "comsol -ckl -np n", where n is a number of cpu's. Most of the old COMSOL *.mph files should still work with the new revision.
Electromagnetic Theory
PHYS 422
Fluid Mechanics
PHYS 426
Stellar Physics
AST 404 and AST 501
COMSOL Conference 2014 User Presentations
This is a link to a large number of presentations of different multi-physics projects that used COMSOL. They can be useful for learning of what can be done with COMSOL.